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FINKSTONBALL XXI – Ranking & Awards

Finkstonball XXI is over and what a year this was! Thank you all for comming to Athletics Ballpark and celebrating this sport we all love so much!

Final ranking


  1. Vienna M-Stars
  2. Team Awesome
  3. Austrian Future
  4. St. Pölten PeeWees
  5. Austrian Power
  6. Swiss U22 Softball National Team


  1. Austrian Baseball National Team
  2. ASAK Athletics
  3. X-Presidents
  4. Team Hungary
  5. The North Baseball
  6. Domincan All Stars
  7. BK Vindija Varazdin
  8. Sissach Frogs


The final stats for softball and baseball are available in our statistics section. 


Most Valuable Player: Carla Langthaler

Best Batter: Stephanie Rachbauer (Austrian Power, 8H; .800, 1 Triple, 5 RBI)

Best Pitcher: Conny Chwojka (Team Awesome, ERA 0,7; 10 IP, 16K)


Most Valuable Player: Richard Alzinger

Best Batter: Camden Lawhead (.600, SLG 1.200)

Best Pitcher: Graham Fisher (ERA 0.0, 6IP, 3H)

Winner Home Run Contest: Taylor Eichhorst (First Round: 6 home runs in 90 seconds; Final Round: 9 home runs in 150 seconds)

Congratulations to all teams and all players to their awards! 

M-Stars beat Team Awesome for Finkstonball XXI Title

The Vienna M-Stars are Finkstonball Champion XXI!
The girls from Vienna had to take a loss in their first matchup with Team Awesome on Sunday. One day later they could take revenge when they needed it the most. From the first at bat on, the M-Stars showed the willingness to take the win home and were able to score at least one run each inning. Team Awesome had problems coping with the pitching of Carla Langthaler, who later also won the MVP award of the softball tournament. The Vienna M-Stars walked away with a 18:2 slugging fest and take home the Finkstonball Trophy 2018.

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In the game for the third place, Austrian Future faced the St. Pölten Pee Wees. The future of Austrian Softball looked bright, as the team developed over the course of the tournament and could not only beat the Swiss U22 National Team the day before, they also worked very well against the experienced women’s team from St. Pölten, the capital city of Lower Austria. With the European U22 championship comming up in July, the U22 national team is looking forward to their best result in Softball Austria’s History.
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This was Finkstonball XXI Sunday

Sunday at Finkstonball XXI is over and we have some finalists set for tomorrows showdown of this year’s tournament. The Austrian Baseball National team fought their way into the final in dramatic fashion and beat the X-Presidents in Extras. The second finalist will be determined in the second semifinal tomorrow at 10:50. The Final of the baseball tournament will start on Monday at 13:30.

In the softball tournament, also the M-Stars put on a thrilling show against the Pee Wees, who came just short and had to let the Viennese girls move on to the Softball Final, starting tomorrow at 12:45.

Sunday Statistic Update:


M-Stars move on to the final!

The Vienna M-Stars win their hope-round game against the Pee Wees St. Pölten and move on to the final game, tomorrow at 12:45 against Team Awesome.

The girls from Vienna had a tough fight against St. Pölten and they needed to fight until the very last inning. In the end, they won by just one run: 5:6.

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Austrian Future stays alive, beat Swiss U22

In a thriller at the softball field, Austrian Future overcomes a 8:3 deficit and wins the game to stay in the tournament with 12:11 against their Swiss colleagues.

The Austrians move on to play another game tomorrow and will still have the chance to finish on the third place. The Swiss delegation will face another Austrian team tomorrow morning: Austrian Power

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The North earns first win, Team Awesome defeats M-Stars

Team Awesome started of big against the Team from Vienna, the M-Stars. Eight runs within the first inning looked like a cristal-clear thing, but the M-Stars kept fighting, but it took them until the third to come through. A strong team-connection, hard hits, let them shorten the deficit to only two runs and one inning later they even took the 8:10-lead. Team Awesome were shut out the following innings but when the last inning was called, the scored three runs to walk-off and walk away with the win: 12:11. With this, Team Awesome will also move on to the final, played tomorrow, Monday, at 12:45.

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Meanwhile, the North faced Varazdin, who were both looking for their first win of the tournament. With a strong performance offensivly and a solid pitching performance on the mound, the Canadians walked away with their first W, beating the Croatians 7:4.

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