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Austria outscores Sissach, Future beats Power

The Austrian National Team celebrated a slug-fest against Sissach this morning. Austria took the lead in the first and never looked back. While Alex Seidl threw a great game, Richard Alzinger lead the offense, going 3for3 with a home run and five RBIs. The final score after five was 15:0.

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On the softball field, the matchup between the youth program teams of the Austrian Baseball Federation took place. Austria Future had the better start and outdueled their colleagues from the first inning on. In the fourth they came up big and scored 10 runs to finalize the score to 15:4.

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Schedule update and stats online

Baseball and softball is all about fun, but also about stats!

On our Statistic section, we have the team stats for Saturday online:

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With the group stage in the books, we start with the softball playoff stage tomorrow! Check out the new schedule for Sunday on the finkstonball website’s schedule section:

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A’s move on to semis, Austrian Future fight back for first win

After a great opening ceremony, the home team ASAK Athletics faced their friends from Sissach. With a mighty lineup the A’s could bolster their winning ambitions from the first inning on with five runners crossing home plate. Omar Duenas pitched for the Austrians and showed a stelar performance. His succesor, Lukas Büscher didn’t allow a run and so did legend Wolfgang Strini to close out the win. In the fifth, the Athletics added one more run to win the matchup in mercy rule – 11:1.
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The last game of the day on the softball field was full of hits and lots of hits. It started off with three runs for the Austrian youth team and whoever thought the Swiss U22 would trail from here was proofed wrong. With a struggling pitcher and some missed plays the girls from Switzerland score one run after the other and wouldn’t be stopped until the scoreboard showed a 8:3 lead. Not Austria at bat, wanted to fight back and had an even tougher answer prepared: they topped the Swiss eight runs with nine on their side and took the 12:8-lead. But even with this setback the Swiss stayed in the game, scored one run after the other could finally walk-off for a 12:13 win.

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Team Awesome stays awesome; X-Presidents strike again

The X-President’s faced their colleagues from the north and showed another great performance at Finkstonball XXI. The guests from Canada again didn’t get going through the first few innings, while the presidents started hitting right from the beginning. In the end, one more run was given to the North Baseball, but to few for a a comeback. Final score was 8:1.

Check out the Finkstonball Tournament Facebook Page for pictures and updates!

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On the softball field, another strong performance by Team Awesome against the Softball Bundesliga team, the St. Pölten Pee Wees. The girls from lower Austria had to face playing legend, Conny Chowjka but saw no light at the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile, the old-star selection showed all their experience  at the plate, outscore their opponents 10:0.

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DomRep celebrate first win against Frogs, M-Stars stay unbeaten

The Dominican All Stars played their second game this afternoon against the Sissach Frogs. The Frogs, all the way from Switzerland, make their twentiest trip to Attnang’s Finkstonball. The Dominicans were clearly warmed up more than their opponents and added run after run to the scoreboard. It took the Frogs until the fifth inning to score their first run of the tournament. And alltough another one followed in the sixth, the Swiss offense could not fight back and lost 5:3.

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Meanwhile on the softball diamond, the Swiss U22 national softball team entered the tournament, facing the Vienna M-Stars. The experienced Viennese Team, also playing in the Austrian Softball League, brought strong pitching to Attnang-Puchheim and meanwhile outscored the young swiss team. The final score was 10:0 after five innings.

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Presidential win from behind, TeamAwesome beeing awesome

Vindija Varaždin played a great game against the X-presidents in their premier at the Finkstonball Tournament, but came up short, giving the game out of hand in the last inning. A head to head matchup was a great ball game for all fans. Both teams score a run in the second inning each, followed by another by the Croatians in the 4th. Also in the 5th both team had success and added one run each. Finally, in the seventh inning the X-Presidents could score two more runs, while Vindija had no answer on that left. Final score 4:3.

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On the softball field, Team Awesome, a selection of great Austrian ballplayers of the past faced the Austrian Future, one of two Austrian U22 national teams in the tournament. Team awesome showed power from the first inning on, adding two runs to the scoreboard and six more in the third inning. The young Austrians needed some time to adapt to Christine Farnleitner. I took a lot of courage for the young team to score the first run in the 5th and add 6 more in the 7th, but not enough to celbrate a comeback-win. Final score 7:9.

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Saturday starts with two nail-biter

Austria Future vs. St. Pölten PeeWees

Today the softball tournament started off with a great game between the St. Pölten Pee Wees and one of the two Austrian U22 Softball National Teams, Team Future. For the first three innings the two pitchers had the offenses under controll. The girls from St. Pölten struck first, but Austria managed to fight back. In the last inning, again St. Pölten had an offensive outburst, scoring two more runs to take the 5:4-win.

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Austrian BB NT vs. Dominican All Stars

At the baseball field, the Austrian national team had it’s second stint, facing the Dominican AllStars. Also in this game, the fans saw great baseball, hard hit balls and outstanding plays on the devensive end. In the second, the Dominicans struck first against a stelar Christoph Vanas on the mound. Austria could strike back and took the 3:1-lead. In the 4th the AllStars fought back and tied the game in the 5th. Austria had already failed to score with a bases loaded in the 4th, but in the 5th, a Ferdi Obed double saved the day for red and white and scored the deciding runs for the 6:3-win.

The best pictures of this game, as always, delivered by Joe Yun, are available on Finkstonball Facebook.

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