Presidential win from behind, TeamAwesome beeing awesome

Vindija Varaždin played a great game against the X-presidents in their premier at the Finkstonball Tournament, but came up short, giving the game out of hand in the last inning. A head to head matchup was a great ball game for all fans. Both teams score a run in the second inning each, followed by another by the Croatians in the 4th. Also in the 5th both team had success and added one run each. Finally, in the seventh inning the X-Presidents could score two more runs, while Vindija had no answer on that left. Final score 4:3.

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On the softball field, Team Awesome, a selection of great Austrian ballplayers of the past faced the Austrian Future, one of two Austrian U22 national teams in the tournament. Team awesome showed power from the first inning on, adding two runs to the scoreboard and six more in the third inning. The young Austrians needed some time to adapt to Christine Farnleitner. I took a lot of courage for the young team to score the first run in the 5th and add 6 more in the 7th, but not enough to celbrate a comeback-win. Final score 7:9.

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