We will rock you Saturday

On Saturday, Finkstonball XX will get in full swing! Baseball will be played from 9 AM on, the Softball Tournament will follow from 12 AM on. 09:00 AM Budapest Reds vs. Austrian Nationalteam BB 10:50 AM International Stars vs. Zagreb Baseball Club 12:40 PM Sissach Frogs vs. Vindja Varazdin 02:30 PM Budapest Reds BB vs. Darmstadt Whippets 04:20 PM International Stars vs. Sissach Frogs 06:00 PM - OPENING CEREMONY 06:30 PM - Attnang Athletics vs. Darmstadt Whippets 08:00 PM - LIVE ACTS: Joe McMahon, Kawenzmänner and Wham Bam Bodyslam