Team Introduction – Sissach Frogs

There is only one team having more participations than this team. As part of the inventory of Finkstonball Tournament, we couldn’t be happier to welcome back the Sissach Frogs for their 20th time!

The Sissach Frohgs wouldn’t need any introduction, after all. Also asking for your motivation isn’t neccessary. Still, how come, the Frogs still return to Finkstonball year after year?

This will be the 20th participation of the Sissach Frogs at the Finkstonball Tournament at Attnang in order to be part of the biggest and best baseball tournament in all of Europe.

In those 20 years we have made an incredible number of friends and collected memories and moments, some of which shouldn’t be mentioned here. Only if you have participated at Finkstonball yourself, you will understand this unique spirit of this tournament and festival.


What will your team’s goals be for FB XXI?

We want to go home to Switzerland with the cup. As easy as that!

Finkstonball Tournament has many traditions and special features. What do you want your players to experience here in Attnang-Puchheim? 

Probably the best memory for most of the older Frogs was the legendary rained-out Finkstonball, a couple of years ago. Although canceled beforehand, some Frogs still decided to go to Attnang. No single ball was thrown, but some memories for the ages will last forever.

Is there anything in particular you look forward to in Attnang-Puchheim?

The level of play at the Finkstonball Tournament developed within the last couple of years, no doubt. This is why we are even more excited to face the best teams in Europe and see where we as a team stand.

Of course we very much look forward to the great community and the party at the A’s Ballpark and the part. Looking forward too see you all in less than two weeks!