Darmstadt Whippets win evening game vs. Athletics

Last year’s Finkstonball Championship already had to take a loss this afternoon, but they came back strong against the home team. Lukas Büscher started for the A’s, but had to give up a run in the first. The Athletics could tie the game in the second, but the Whippets answered right back.

Joshua Wyant pitched a gread game for Darmstad and didn’t let the home town boys find back into the game. The final score after six innings was 5:2.

Also the softball tournament saw another game between the Reds and the Austrian Junior National Team. Team Austria struggled once again to keep up the pace. In the second inning they came closer, but a grad slam homerun by Lisa Mauldan, one of three dingers in that game, opend up the game for the Hungarian team and brought in their first win of the tournament. Final score: 21:3