Austrian Future and The North win 5th place

Congratulations! The Austrian Future Team could win today’s game for the 5th place and walk away with the trophy. The young Austrian team put on a great show against the Swiss U22 National Team. They strated off well, score more in the third and never looked back. Congratulations also to Swiss team, who showed some great games over the course of the tournament!

Also the baseball tournament has the first final results in. While BK Vindija Varazdin won the 7th place in last nights game and the Sissach Frogs finishing 8th, the Dominican All Stars and the North baseball battled for the 5th place in Finkstonball XXI. The game started off with some runs of the North, but the Dominicans stayed in the matchup. In the end their lead was melting, but the Canadians could walk away with the win to earn the 5th place. A big shout-out to the Dominican AllStars for beeing such great guest and showing great baseball and sportsmenship, year after year!