The Athletics Baseball & Softball Club would like to invite you to the annual FINKSTONBALL tournament. From June 2nd till June 5th 2017, we will organize the 20th Anniverservery Edition of FINKSTONBALL. The invitational tournament is open to eight Senior Baseball and six Fastpitch Softball Teams.

Both the Austrian Baseaball National Team as well as the Austrian Softball National Team take this great opportunity to prepare for upcoming international tournaments like the 2017 European Championships Softball.

Over the course of four days, from Friday night to Monday (bank holiday) early afternoon, each participating Team will have the opportunity to play at least 4 games in the beautiful scenery of the A’s Baseball and Softball Complex.

Over 2500 players from 100 teams from 22 different nations have participated in the past nineteen years. The FINKSTONBALL Baseball & Softball tournament is one of Europe’s biggest Baseball & Softball events. Over the weekend, a great number of baseball fans enjoy the tournament just as much as the participating players.

The Team

Philipp Dressler

Alexander Lughofer

Lukas Scheicher

Sebastian Libiseller